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WFYLAX Girls Lacrosse

Honor the game



Guiding Principles for Women’s Lacrosse:
• Honor the origins of the game
• Commit to the core values of the game’s culture
• Respect all participants
• Recognize the value of fair play in both the letter and spirit of the game





Girls’ lacrosse is a non-contact game played by 12 players, 11 field and 1 goalkeeper. The object of the game is to shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal. The team scoring the most goals wins. After warm-ups and the pre-game equipment check with the officials, the game begins with a draw at the center of the field. Only three players from each team are permitted between restraining lines at the time of the draw. Once the signal for the draw occurs, the players behind the lines may cross over. Only seven attacking players are allowed over the offensive restraining line and only eight defenders (including goalkeeper) are allowed in their defensive end. Players may exchange places during play, but the player must have both feet over the line before a teammate enters. When a whistle blows, all players must stop in place. Field players may pass, catch or run with the ball in their stick. Rough checks and contact to the body with the stick or body are not allowed. Fouls are categorized as major, minor, team, goal circle, and misconduct fouls. The penalty for fouls is a “free position.” For major fouls, the offending player is placed 4 meters behind the player taking the free position. For a minor foul, the offending player is placed 4 meters from where she approached her opponent before committing the foul, and play is resumed. If a game is tied at the end of regulation, sudden victory may be played at the older levels. Youth girls’ lacrosse rules are designed to emphasize the proper development of stick skills, team play, player safety and sportsmanship.


U9 & U11 youth team play on a modified field with 7 players, 6 field and 1 goalkeeper.  The field is divided in half and only 4 players are allowed over the midfield line.  No checking is allowed and Net Nannies are often used at the U9 level in place of a goalie.



The girls field is divided into 3 sections with a restraining line 30 yards from the goal line, a center circle, 12-meter fan and an 8-meter arc.


8-METER ARC: an arc marked in front of the goal used for the administration of major fouls. A defender may not remain in this area for more than three seconds unless closely marking her opponent.


12-METER FAN: a semi-circle area in front of each goal circle bounded by an arc 12 meters from the goal circles.


GOAL CIRCLE: the circle around the goal to protect the goalkeeper. No player’s stick or body may “break” the plane of the goal circle.



U9 & U11 girls played on a modified field consist of: 2 Attack, 2 Midfield, 2 Defense and 1 Goalkeeper or Net Nanny


U11, U13 & U15 girls played on a full field consist of: 4 Attack, 3 Midfield, 4 Defense and 1 Goalkeeper





Offending player stands 4 meters away with respect to the direction she was heading before committing foul.


Three Seconds: A defender may not stand within the 8-meter arc, unless she is closely marking an opponent, for more than three(3) seconds.



Offending player stands 4 meters behind player taking the free position.


Obstruction of Free Space: Occurs when a defender is not closely marking her opponent and is in the free space to goal of the attack player with the ball. The attack player must have the opportunity and be looking to shoot.


Explanation for Shooting Space in Women’s Lacrosse


Free Position

An opportunity awarded to one player when a major or minor foul is committed by a player from the other team. All players must move 4 meters away from the player with the ball. When the whistle sounds to resume play, the ball carrier may run, pass or shoot, unless the free position is indirect. On an indirect free position, the ball must be passed before a shot can be taken.



For more please see the US Lacrosse Girls Youth Guidebook