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Coaches Expectations for Parents and Players

West Girls Lacrosse


•Have children to practice promptly

•We have a limited amount of time to accomplish our practice plans

•Parents do not carry any equipment, water bottles, etc. (to or from practice)

•All players need to be responsible/accountable for their gear (ALL of it!)

•Equipment is to be neatly lined up on the sideline

•We will be a well-organized team and all players have a responsibility to their team and an image to uphold.

•Coaches expect 100% effort

•Unless we are going through a new drill at a slower speed while learning, everything is at maximum effort

•Coaches expect 100% focus

•When coaches are talking/teaching, players need to be listening

•Full attention is required while at practice

•Socializing can be done prior to practice, limited during water breaks, and after practice

•All players need to attend practices/games with a positive attitude towards their team, learning, and improving.

•The history of lacrosse teaches us about respect….A positive attitude is a must.

•Be a good teammate

•Support your fellow lax teammates on and off the field

•Celebrate your teammates success

•Help your teammates learn from mistakes or shortcomings in a positive way

•Verbal /physical bullying will not be tolerated and could result in removal from team.  If this is identified, please report it to your player’s coach and/or Program Director

•Attend all practices

•A team is comprised of every player.  So, to practice as a team…we all need to commit to being at every practice.

•In the rare instance that your player cannot attend a practice or game, please COMMUNICATE  this information to your coach as soon as possible.

•Practice plans and game plans are made well in advance.  Missing players can drastically impact the rest of the team.

•Playing time

•Coaches will try to keep game playing time evenly distributed among all players on all “Rec” Teams.  Player positions will greatly impact playing time.  For example, goalies may play 100% of the game while midfielders may play approximately 30% of the game (due to running the entire field and having multiple midfielder lines).  Attack and defensive players should be played more evenly but can still vary based on items below.

•For “Select” Teams (only) playing time will also be dependent on skill set, therefore not all players will play equally

•Playing time may be impacted by the items listed above (items 1-8), as well as:

•Game situations (man up/man down, penalties, possession time/substitution possibilities, injuries, position availability, etc.)

•Conditioning of player

•Practice attendance

•Discipline/Attitude issues

•24 hour rule – before you confront a coach; please take 24 hours to think about the best way to discuss the situation.  When emotions are high, it’s never the right time.

•Sideline behavior

•Please support your players to the fullest extent possible

•However, please refrain from coaching your player – LET THE COACHES COACH

•Never criticize the referees

•Never criticize another player (our team or opposing team)

•Never engage parents from the opposing team

•Clean the sidelines after each practice/game (Both parents and players)

•Parental help

•Please strongly encourage your players to pick up their stick on days with no practice

•Even 10 minutes a day spent on cradling (both hands), playing catch (using both hands), wall ball, etc. makes a tremendous difference.

•Get in shape/stay in shape

•Strongly encourage physical activity on days with no practice or games

•The full lacrosse field is BIG….being well conditioned to run at full speed is important

•Our lacrosse program encourages multi-sport athletes

•Assist your coaches.  If you want to learn more, get more involved with coaching, or simply find a way to spend more time with your players outside of your home, please ask one of the coaches on how you can help out.

•We are always looking to find parents (Moms and Dads) who can help.  The growth of our program depends on increasing the number of coaches and assistants we have in our system.

•We want your help even if you don’t know anything about lacrosse.  We will teach you.  Many of our coaches never played the game of lacrosse….there are many ways we can teach you the game.

I, player/parent, understand the expectations of me, as outlined above, and fully intend to uphold each expectation to the best of my ability.

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